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Monday, January 4, 2010


One way to save money is by Couponing. I know some people just take their savings from their allotted budget and bank it at the end of the month and others who are living paycheck to paycheck just hope they have enough to cover what they need for the month. I will admit I'm the latter, but I do save a lot! Maybe I can eventually become the first type and save up for my 25th anniversary second honeymoon I would love to have!

There are many different ways to get coupons too.
  • The easiest is to have family and friends save you their unused coupons.
  • Another pretty easy way is printing out the online coupons, of course these are limited to 2 coupons per computer. I have 2 computers so I can usually print out 4 good coupons.
  • Then there is Dumpster Diving. Where you go to the paper recycling bins at your local church or school and as your throwing your old papers in your pulling out any coupons others might have pitched. I do not recommend doing this in the rain or even right after it rains. Everything just gets too wet. I have done this on extremely Cold and Snowy days though (not this year yet). Somehow the Snow and cold is just very different then the rain.
  • Some people do get together every week, month or few months and trade coupons. You know an Old Fashioned Coupon Swap. These can be fun and entertaining, however it always seems that if you are at the end of the line getting the coupon batches you usually miss out on the high value or really good coupons.
  • I think the final way of obtaining coupons is by buying extra papers. There are a lot of grocery stores that sell the Sunday paper at a discount on Mondays. Of course on really great weekends you have to be at the store early because those papers will disappear.
That final statement said, I hope everyone who does buy extra papers were able to get some today.  There were SO MANY great coupons in the paper this weekend.  My favorite was the $2.50 Electrosal coupon. If you use it this week at Walgreens your final price after the Register Reward will be FREE.  Now on the average week I like to buy 15 -20 papers, today I was hopping to get 25 or 30, I only was able to buy 7!  What makes this worse is I'm almost out of my stockpiled Electrosal from last year, 7 more will only get me through a few more months.

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