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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Huggies Enjoy The Ride Codes

If you haven't done so, I would recommend signing up for Huggies Enjoy the Ride!  This is a great way to gather points you can use towards gifts for little ones or Gift Certificates for big ones.  I don't need the little one's gifts, except for 1 nephew, but I can definately use the Gift Certificates to help when I need gifts for the bigger kids and family members.  For me this is definately a way to cut down my expenses, so I can put more towards the Credit Cards.

There are many ways you can earn points without even buying the diapers or wipes:
  • The EASIEST 10 points is by Registering here!
  • Viewing videos for 2 points a piece.  If you are just registering there are 10 available videos which will give you an automatic 20 points.  Now if you really aren't into the videos, just hit the play button and do something else in another window. Come back a few minutes later and click the next one.
  • Taking Very quick and simple polls for 1 point a piece.  It appears you can only do one a week but that's still a quick way of getting a point.
  • Click and Earn!  They will take you to a website where you look for their link and it will give you a code to enter.  If you are going to do this today or the next day you might get the same codes I'm posting. 
  • Making referrals.  It doesn't state how many points you get but once they have sent the email and the person has signed up you will get some points.  If you don't have an account yet and would like to be a referral of mine, just leave a comment with your email address and I'll have them send you their email to join.

Entering Codes: Feel free to cut and paste the codes to the site.  It also is not code sensative.

5 Point Codes -

bdhdnfbjghcmpgb                                    bsqddnxqfbbpgb
MLXRCCNRWKKWPGB                        pbwsmqgkclbkpgb 
PLWGFZRJNXFWPGB                           qwbzljfjlpmdpgb 
tpjngdzcqbhgpgb                                      whtzhnbdqfxkpgb 
bcrxslgwcnnkpgb                                      bcstdhjxtkppgb  (Code exp 3/31)

1 Point Codes:

bbrgxfhmmdhgpgb                                    bcfrhsdwlpxfpgb 
bcjhphbtllkdpgb                                         bcmjggklmjkjpgb 
bcntpwxtnlxkpgb                                       bcpbbxqhphrjpgb 
BGCJJZSTLNNSPGB                               BGCSZMBLDWWDPGB 
BGDZBQLXKNNCPGB                            bdgtwxsqbjtxpgb

If you find any to not be working please leave a comment or email me so I can up date the list.  If you know of a code I haven't posted feel free to let me know too and I will update the list.

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